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Huawei Heads up to Launch Stellar Google’s Alternatives

Published 3 months ago3 min read26 comments
Huawei has undoubtedly made its way to the fraternity of top smartphone players in recent years. The Chinese brand is…

How Internet Influence Negative Mass Media

Published 3 months ago3 min read26 comments
Since the web, and especially cell phones, became family unit products, broad communications’ effect on individuals and social orders has…

Best 15 Office Desk Plants Ideas

Published 1 month ago8 min read12 comments
Working in an office throughout the day consistently can truly drain the life out of you. If your work requires…

Education Beat in Journalism

Published 2 months ago15 min read3 comments
Education beat defines the lives of human beings dwelling in a community. Education isn’t always restricted to the classroom, because…

How to Design Your Own Space to Work from Home

Published 2 months ago10 min read23 comments
Do you work from home? Do you know that with the right tips from HomeMakerGuide, you can design the perfect workspace…

Multi Experience – An amalgamation of AR & VR industry

Published 3 months ago2 min read1 comment
Emerging trends in technology are shaping the digital world with every passing day. With technological advancements outgrowing our expectations, we…
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